Visualization Centre, Vienna

With headquarters based in Vienna, our client was an international, integrated oil and gas company. Through the need to continually develop their upstream oil and gas exploration, the necessity for new software, equipment and a visualization environment became apparent.

We worked alongside the project manager to deliver a high quality facility, which has effectively integrated all the advanced technological equipment required for the corporation’s continuous oil and gas exploration.

Upper Atrium Visual

Thames Central, West London

We were appointed to create a design for Thames Central, a large office building located in West London. Our brief included adapting the reception, common areas and large atrium into modern, striking spaces.


Great Portland Street

We were approached to develop a concept scheme for the common areas of a prominent building on Great Portland Street. The scheme incorporates a fresh, sleek design, aimed to modernise the building, which has seen a number of minor amendments over a number of years.

Entrance Corrider 2 - Option A

Devonshire House, Great Portland Street

With The Langham Estate as our client, we were asked to complete a concept design scheme for the common parts of Devonshire House, A prominent building located off Great Portland Street. We created two design options for our client including a proposal for works to the exterior to create more street presence and update the existing signage.

ION Office NYC  MOD image   (15)

1345 Avenue of the Americas, New York

Following the successful completion of levels 16 & 26 of the Gherkin in London, we were appointed to design Levels 49 & 50 of 1345 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) in New York City for the same confidential client.


Digital Theatre in Malaysia

This confidential project was completed for a client who required a presentation environment to showcase their technology. We worked to design a “minimal” interior based on high quality materials that were well detailed. This allowed the technology and the client’s content to be the “hero” of the visitor experience.


Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum exists to document and educate new generations about the origins and experience of both world wars in the last century.

This important national institution is located in Lambeth Road, just south of the river. The building was originally a hospital but converted to a museum just after the First World War.


National Skills Academy for Financial Services

In 2009 the National Skills Academy for Financial Services opened it’s doors in East India Dock Road.

The previously disused building had originally had been a school in Victorian times and fallen into a state of disrepair. The facade and Tudor style hall were listed as “building of historical interest and character”.