Fashion and Textile Museum


Originally designed in 2000 the Museum gave a boost to the regeneration Bermondsey area with iconic facade and cultural remit. The studios of the designer Zandra Rhodes are situated on the upper floors.



Laminated glass with fabric interlayer is used to define the spaces yet give a sense that something lies beyond.


Once inside the exhibition hall our neutral backdrop means the exhibits are the focus of attention.


Mood lighting , scene setting and spotlighting give the exhibition staff a wide range of possibilities to achieve their objectives.


The Fashion and Textile Museum was founded by Zandra Rhodes and designed by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta in 2000.

In 2009 we were commissioned by the FTM to refurbish the interior spaces for a range of functions including new exhibition and conferencing facilities, reception and WCs, elevator access, disabled persons access and a Museum shop. Our refurbishment respected the original vibrant design of Legorreta while working out new strategies for the interior space.

We created new circulation routes so that exhibition areas could be sealed off and the premises still function for a wide range of activities. The exhibition spaces are treated as white boxes into which the clothing exhibits have a chance to shine.

We opened up the space with extensive structural works to form exhibition windows allowing views through to the cafe, museumshop and the reception. The Museum reopened by Zandra Rhodes in 2009 with an exhibition titled “The Little Black Dress”.

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