Confidential Project in the Middle East

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Projects for the oil and gas service industry in the Middle East

Four three years we have been working on a number of projects within Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The work is confidential so we are unable to identify the locations or clients however we are able to give an overview.

The scope of the projects is to provide state-of-the-art working environments for engineers and field staff. The emphasis on is on collaborative work and facilitating information sharing and decision making. Technology and information has taken enormous strides forward. Critical information is now supplied in real time whereas only ten years ago information would take days to get from the field to the engineering teams. Work space and the office environment were not keeping up with the technology and opportunities available.

Our brief was to integrate the technologies into the work place; provide comfortable and flexible meeting, collaboration, conferencing and data analysis spaces; provide the best available HVAC solutions, acoustic control and lighting installations, ergonomic furniture; an energy efficient installation with landscaping and water harvesting facilities. Our role was as design team lead, architects and interior designers.