Confidential Visualisation Theatre – Asia

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Breakout Area with Seating

Visualisation Theatre Back Right Aspect

Visualisation Theatre Back Right Aspect - Presentation Lighting

Visualisation Theatre Back Left Aspect

Visualisation Theatre Back Left Aspect - Presentation Lighting

Visualisation Theatre Front Right Aspect

Visualisation Theatre Front Left Aspect

Our client was nearing the end of an ambitious three-year program to build a large new campus headquarters. A space was identified in their Research and Engineering building to install a state of the art Collaborative Visualisation Environment.

Following the receipt of a brief, a member of our design team visited the site to better understand the client’s requirements and project aspirations and constraints. Our design team distributed in Beijing and London took advantage of the difference in time zones to prepare simultaneous layout proposals that were signed off by the client at the completion of the survey.

The final design incorporated all requirements for a flexible ergonomic working space that could be used for VIP presentations as well as collaborative decision making. The interior design combined a modern technical appearance with appropriate acoustic and lighting solutions.

Throughout the project, our team worked closely with the audio visual equipment suppliers to ensure effective integration of the advanced technology into the environment. Providing optimum ergonomic solutions for the users and providing maintenance access for technical support was essential.