Devonshire House, Great Portland Street

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Entrance Corridor - Option A

Entrance Corrider 2 - Option A

Lift Lobby - Option A

Floor Level - Option A

Entrance Corridor - Option B

Entrance Corrider 2 - Option B

Lift Lobby - Option B

Floor Level - Option B

With The Langham Estate as our client, we were asked to complete a concept design scheme for the common parts of Devonshire House, A prominent building located off Great Portland Street. We created two design options for our client including a proposal for works to the exterior to create more street presence and update the existing signage.

The first option incorporated a variety of materials including grey shuttered concrete wall tiles and Timber slats to the ceiling. What was previously a disused reception desk was converted to a much needed bike store, which was cordoned off through the use of a laser cut aluminium partition. The second option exhibited more colour, with a sage green used on a number walls. This was complimented by dark oak wall panelling and fluorescent signage.