Level 16 & 26, 30 St Mary Axe

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Level 16, 30 St Mary Axe


Level 26, 30 St Mary Axe


Level 26, Meeting room suite


Smoked glass dividers

“Due to the circular floorplan our space planning options were limited. We produced visually uncluttered interior spaces that relate to strength of the building architecture and structure”

After the successful office space on level 2 at 30 St Mary Axe in London, we were invited  to design a new office environment on level 16 and 26 .
The challenge was to make the most of the iconic building, its vertical visual connections and six storey high light wells by enhancing the company identity and meeting the extensive brief on open areas and number of meeting rooms.
A “third space” with informal meeting and breakout facilities was located under each void to improve the staff comfort by increasing their work space.
High tech meeting rooms, breakout areas and different environments were also carefully design to suit the company requirements.

Smoked glass dividers