Offices for Lab 49

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Open plan office with meeting rooms located close by.


The double height spaces in between open plan segments were used for breakout areas. These were divided from the open plan areas by meeting rooms or smoke glass screens.

Lab 49 Reception

Red glass reception desk with B&B Italia furniture to client waiting area.


We introduced limited strong colours within the loose furniture.


Tables are fully cable managed. The client wanted a modern, forward looking aesthetic. The emphasis is on the technology while keeping the interior visually understated.


Level 2, 30 St Mary Axe

In 2011 we designed the office space for 120 people on level 2 at 30 St.Marys Axe, London, otherwise known as the “Gherkin”. The building is one
of the most iconic landmarks
on the London skyscape.

The project created open plan, breakout and meeting, reception and client facing areas. The client rooms have the ability to be opened up with moveable partitions for Lab 49 “town hall meetings” once every six months. AV and It were fully integrated into the partitions and furniture with lighting, solar blinds and VC all being operated from the table top.

The open plan spaces were arranged around the segments of with standard ceiling heights. Areas with the double height void spaces are used as breakout and meeting areas.

We kept our design elements have a simplicity of form to complement the strong visible external building structure. We specified light colours to compensate for the lower levels of daylight on level 2.

Level 2, 30 St Mary Axe