Digital Theatre in Malaysia

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Reception concept sketch

Microsoft PowerPoint - images for website

Microsoft PowerPoint - images for website

Microsoft PowerPoint - images for website


KL reception colour adjusted_hugo

KL reception detail COLOUR ADJUSTED_hugo

This confidential project was completed for a client who required a presentation environment to showcase their technology. We worked to design a “minimal” interior based on high quality materials that were well detailed. This allowed the technology and the client’s content to be the “hero” of the visitor experience.

The brief for this project was to create a number of digital technology rooms that could showcase the client’s software to their customers. We considered the complete VIP experience from the lift lobby, reception, breakout, presentation theatre, a simulated working operation room, and executive WC’s.

Adjacent to the reception desk, we designed a triple glazed sound proof enclosure for the client’s software server, which became a key feature within the space. The enclosure had subtle blue/purple feature lighting which is used to great effect during evening presentations. Our scheme used high quality materials, which were well detailed. The space created has undoubtedly achieved the client’s intentions of a sending a message of professionalism and quality to their staff and visitors.

Working with Parker Wilson Consulting and Paul Nulty Lighting Design we worked on fully integrating the building services and considered the different use scenarios for the space.